Safety Tips

This section is designed to acquaint you with some guidelines as to the safe operation and use of your pool.

Do not dive or jump into your pool. Your pool is approximately 48", 52" or 54" deep. It is not designed for diving or jumping. If you dive or jump into the pool, you run the high risk of permanent injury or death. Alert all family members and guests of this fact. Point out the DO NOT DIVE labels supplied with the pool.

Do not install a slide or a diving board as your pool is approximately 48", 52" or 54" deep and not designed to be used with them.

A list of emergency phone numbers of the following should be conspicuously posted and should be kept at hand at the phone nearest to the pool:

A. Nearest available police, fire and or rescue unit.
B. Nearest available physician.
C. Nearest ambulance service.

Never permit the pool to be used unless at least one person other than the bather is present. Children must always be under careful adult supervision.

  • Never run the filter while there are swimmers in or around the pool. Be sure electrical hook-ups comply with national and Local electrical codes.
  • Do not dispense chemicals into the pool while the pool is being used. Poisoning or painful skin irritations can occur.
  • Do not permit horseplay or dangerous water games in and around your pool. Remember that the pool area may be wet and slippery, and accidents resulting in serious injuries can be prevented if rules of behavior are strictly enforced.
  • Keep the water sanitary and healthful at all times, maintain pool sanitation with the use of a good filter system and the regular application of water purifying chemicals. Unsanitary water is a potential health and safety hazard.
  • Lighting should be provided to illuminate safety signs, deck surfaces, and walks during nighttime pool use.
  • Do not allow toys, chairs, tables, filtration system's pumps, heaters or other objects that a young child could climb, to be within four feet (4') of the pool.
  • Teach your children to swim.
  • Parents and or guardians should learn C.P.R.
  • Keep all electrical radios, speakers and other appliances away from the swimming pool.
  • Keep the deck and pool area clean and clear of objects that may create a tripping hazard.
  • When you touch the filters, pump or electrical parts, make sure the ground under your feet is "Bone Dry".
  • Face pool ladder(s) going up or down.
  • Allow only one person at a time on the pool ladder(s).



It is recommended that one or more of the following lifesaving items are on hand at all times within the pool area.

  • A light, strong, rigid pole (shepherd's crook) not less than 12' long with blunt ends.
  • A 1/4" diameter throwing rope as long as 1 1/2 times the maximum width of the pool, or 50' whichever is less, which has been firmly attached to a ring buoy with an outside diameter of approximately 15" or some other similar flotation device.